Buy Now and active instantly

Step 1

Click at the “Register” button

Step 1

Step 2

Its your device register key

Step 2

Step 3

Type your key and click at Paypal

12$ PayPal

Step 4

Click at the “Active Now” button

Step 3

Activation instructions

All the activation proccess is online, the key is automatically generated and emailed to you by our system as soon as PayPal approves the payment.

Ps. In order to have your product activated you will need to input the generated key when purchasing the software. Only with this key the system will be able to generate an activation.

If you buy trough the application itself the key will be automatically sent.

Migration instructions

The migration is free for unlimited devices into the period of 1 year starting from the paypal transaction ID, after this one year period we grant a 50% off discount to active a new device.

Ps. The key is registered to phone serial number (hardware) and If it`s the same iphone (just restored with iTunes) the activation key will be the same.